Saturday, July 25, 2009

random saturday thoughts

comic-con is this weekend. largest annual gathering of guys who will never see a woman naked.

Is there any difference between Darius Rucker's "Alright," Montgomery Gentry's "Lucky Man," and Lonestar's "From my Front Porch Looking in?" They are all songs about being happy to have a house and a family. Isn't this just like rappers talking about hoes and Rolls? They just appreciate different things.

At what point will email go extinct. Or when can I legitimately say I will no longer respond or communicate by email? Take, for example, watching movies at home. If you invite me over to watch a movie on a VCR, I can legitimately say that's ridiculous, get a DVD player. But if you have a DVD player, I can't really complain you don't have a Blu-Ray player. That would just be petty. Email is a DVD player but at some point we are going to get to the point in society where we demand Blu-Rays.

A.J. bought a bag to put his clothes in that will go in his bag that he takes to Europe. Yes, a bag for his bag. He spent money on that.

Hypothetical: A European gypsy throws her baby at you. Do you a) drop your bags to catch the baby knowing that as soon as you do the gypsy will scoop them up and run off with them or do you b) let the baby fall to the ground but keep your bags? (Billy has already weighed in with: "It ain't my baby.")

Twitter symbology

RT = ReTweet - a retweet is copying and posting another twitterer's tweet as your own. when you do this, you give them credit by inserting RT before their message to let people know the content is not your own. (Exa. @behindnumbers RT everything that Jim Rome says)

@ = the @ symbol goes before a person's twitter name. if you are replying to a message or want to direct your message to a specific person instead of just the general twitterverse, put @ before their name (Exa. @Krabbits your team sucks and your writing is inferior to mine)

# = this goes before a hashtag. a hashtag is a search term in twitter. in my messages, you will see a lot of #btn. this is because I want you to be able to find all of my posts tagged that way in a search. (Exa. @TheInstitute's jokes are #fail)

D = direct message. A direct message is a private message sent to only one person. No one else on Twitter will see it but the person you send it to. (Exa. D @LizNorris u want to come over again tonight?)

If you are new to Twitter, download It will change your life and make your experience on the Twitter machine infinitely better.

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