Tuesday, August 4, 2009

blame it on the 'tron, catch me in a zone

That's what Lendale White is doing. He showed up to Titans camp 37 pounds lighter than at the end of last season. What's his secret? He's not drinking any more Patron. Nice. Not exactly a good commercial for Patron but I support his new temperence movement. That noise you hear is the faint sound of The Commish's testicles shriveling up. (Too much? Probably.)

LenDale White: Cutting out tequila helped him drop 37 pounds

How did Titans RB LenDale White slim down from a high of 265 pounds last year to 228 when he arrived at training camp?

By cutting the sauce out of his diet.

"I was a big Patron (tequila) consumer and that's what it was," White told reporters on Saturday. "I was drinking a lot, I drank a lot of alcohol. I cut that out of my diet all the way, I don't drink at all, I stopped drinking for six months and the weight it just started falling off. It's a tremendous difference and I feel it in my body."

White said Titans owner Bud Adams told him he looked "like a brand new person."

His rushing total fell to 773 yards last year after registering 1,110 in 2007. And White said he's excited to turn his new fitness into increased performance on the field.

And he's happy to have proven his naysayers wrong, too.

"I won a lot of bets, from friends, family, some people in the locker room," White told reporters. "I made some people upset because they thought I was going to be fat coming back. It feels good. I am, really excited about this season. It was a long time coming, I finally came into town in shape and I am feeling the difference."

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