Monday, August 3, 2009

what the hell is this?

What do you call the gear that Jordan Palmer is sporting?

BTW, am I the only one surprised to learn that Carson Palmer has a brother and he is now a backup for the Bengals? Still, I am going to need to see these two side by side before I believe they really are two different people. I feel like Carson is just trying to make some extra dough by collecting two paychecks since his play on the field obviously hasn't merited him getting any more jack.

(HT: @OGOchoCinco)


  1. ok, so my explanation that i added is not showing, so i'll try again. it is an authentic mexican poncho. my friend carlos (who i think most of you have met) has several. it is traditionally a woven garment with a hood, and not the flimsy plastic things that people wear to sporting events in case of inclement weather

  2. good, now i will know what to refer to it as if i ever see anyone committing fashion suicide like this again.

  3. he actually gave me one several years ago. i think it is still in my closet. i couldn't ever convince myself to actually wear it.