Thursday, September 3, 2009

memo to coach jags

In honor of N.C. State kicking off the football season tonight against the O.B.C. just as the news breaks that Tampa has parted ways with offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski, Tom O'Brien's successor at Boston College.

Memo to Coach Jags: To quote an iconic piece of American cinema, Friday, "How you gonna get fired on your day off?!?" I mean, you didn't exactly have the day off in the waning days between training camp and week 1 but that doesn't change the fact you have now been fired from not one, but two jobs since the last time you actually coached a game.

Sad to say it, because former ECU coach and Triangle sports radio personality Steve Logan has your back and I have massive respect for him, but I think you might have deserved it. That is, if your job-choosing skills in any way correlate with your on-the-field capabilities, I would have zero faith in your play-calling abilities, too. It was probably for the best that the Bucs decided to break you off to spare you from further public embarassment.

First, you directly defied your employer at BC by going on an interview with the Jets. An interviw. Not a job. Not a job. An interview. Not a job that actually pays you money and puts food on your table. We're talking about an interview. (You get the picture.)

Your boss said, "If you do this, I will fire you." Here's a good job-searching tip. If you are looking for a new job. Do not quit your old job before the ink is dry on the contract for your new job. And definitely don't risk getting fired so that you can get an interview. I don't care if I was offered an interview to be the photographer and "model-tester" for the next shoot of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Before I quit my job, I am going to get them to sign on the line that is dotted!

After that act of sheer brilliance, whiffing on the Jets job, and your subsequent completely unsurprising summarial dismissal from BC, you luckily caught on with Tampa as the new OC. Now when they came to you this week saying it wasn't a good fit, they didn't think you had the experience or the know-how to call plays, and the team was looking to go another way, you turned down a demotion to the QBs coach position. No, no, no, homie. This is a rough economy. You don't know where that next check is coming from. If your interviewing and decisionmaking skills are any indication, it's unlikely that the doors of opportunity are going to be flinging open before you any time soon. I fully expect to see you down at my neighborhood Dick's Sporting Goods trying to sell me some unnecessary golf equipment in due time... that is, if you don't blow the interview.

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