Sunday, December 26, 2010

the board

This is where I will keep track of board bets for the season. So feel free to post your own in the comments section here and let me know if I miss any as we go through the rest of the year.

Over/under 12 passing TDs for Matt Moore in 2010
The Commish=Over, btn=Under
(btn gets that one... what a disaster)

The Institute will pick himself to win and 40 Acres to lose every week and still outpick everyone else in the league.
(not even close but he did outpick umphlett)

Not one player on the icon's bench in week 1 will survive the season on the team.
(for some unknown reason, overbay kept braylon edwards all year... missed it by one player)

A.J. will make less than 10 moves this year.
(he made 14 and least in the league)

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