Thursday, August 4, 2011

is peyton manning done?

Even the title of this post may send shivers down the spines of many Colts fans and fantasy owners. However, the truth is the fact that Peyton Manning just signed a new contract and has historically been an iron man when it comes to the regular season does not detract from his current residence on the Physically Unable to Perform list. Normally, if a star starts camp on the PUP list everyone will be speculating about his chances to play in regular season games once they begin. (See Gates, Antonio.) But since Manning just signed a new deal and never allows his backups to take snaps in meaningful situations, no one is openly wondering about the chances Manning starts the season anywhere other than under center.

As Adam Schefter of ESPN reported this morning on Mike and Mike, a history neck injuries actually runs in the Manning family. The reason that Cooper Manning didn't follow in the footsteps of his father and brothers to become an NFL player was a condition that led to a career-ending neck injury. Is it possible that there is a chink in the armor of the iron man? Is the injury Manning is nursing back to health now more serious than the Colts have let on? We may not know the answers to those questions for several weeks, but make no mistake, fantasy owners should be tracking this situation closely.

From Rotoworld...
NFL Network's Mike Lombardi believes the Colts will wait until right before the regular season to decide whether to activate Peyton Manning (neck) from the PUP list.

Manning opened camp on active/PUP, making him a tentative candidate to stay on reserve/PUP into the season. "I think that neck injury is severe," said Lombardi. "They really don't know (when Manning will return)." ...

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  1. you are posting this just b/c you hate manning. he'll be out there on day one