Wednesday, August 3, 2011

is randy moss pulling a keyser soze on the nfl?

If you think about it, Randy Moss' decision to retire rather than accept one of the presumably mediocre contract offers he was fielding was genius. He totally changed the conversation about where he was in his career and where he was heading.

Before the last few days, all anyone was focused on was whether or not any team would be willing to take Moss after a disatrous 2010 campaign. All anyone could remember was the mere 80 yards he accumulated as a member of the Tennessee Titans.

Now all people are talking about is where he stands on the list of all-time great receivers. They are replaying his 1998 and 2007 highlights constantly on ESPN and debating his legacy. No we once again see his hand-up calling for the ball against Darrell Revis and remember, "You know what? That wasn't that long ago."

An additional benefit that was now instead of the conversation being what team would be willing to take Moss and his baggage, it has switched to what team can lure Randy and his talent out of retirement. Does he still have the top end speed to be a playmaker in the NFL? Maybe only Moss himself knows that. What he does still have are the brains Bill Belichek raved about during his time in New England and a lot more GMs with their interests suddenly piqued about his ability to change the dynamics of an offense.

From Rotoworld...
The Eagles made a contract offer to Randy Moss after the receiver filed his official retirement papers with the league, according to the Boston Herald.

The Eagles just won't stop. Moss' filing of his retirement papers isn't significant as he can unretire any time he wants. If he is truly intrigued by the Eagles' offer, there's a good chance it will still happen. And based on the way veterans are flocking to Philly to play with Mike Vick, we would no longer be surprised.

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